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Shredthisway is a one of it's kind Guitar Blog providing variety of services to it's readers. We believe in providing the right tools, lessons, reviews and articles to our readers which helps them in thier guitar journey. Our varied group of readers include guitar vetrans to absolute newbies. The site is managed by and for guitar players to ensure that we maintain some standards and attract only loyal readers.

If you have clicked this link you are probably interested in "Advertising with us". So like most of our posts, let me get right to the point. Here's some things that you might be looking for

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  • First of all, WE DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY. We are doing this for fun and we'll only promote sites which we feel truly help our audience.
  • As a fellow guitarist what I would accept is premium membership or anything of that sorts (including freebies) in your site. You can see some of our current clients later on in the list. If you don't have a site with premium account then we will still consider it depending on it's usefulness to our readers .
  • We do Free Event promotion
  • If you want us to Review your product whether E-books or Equipments, We expect samples or a review copy. Unless your product is popular enough for us to find in our neighbouhood store, we won't review it without a review copy
  • There are limited slots in the site, so we reserve the right to arrange them as we please. If you have a slot in mind let us know when you contact us.
  • We only promote Guitar related Sites/Products. We might deviate a little from this motto as long as it's related to music.
  • Be Specific while you contact us
How to Contact Us?

The best way to contact us would be directly through email at ; shredthisway@gmail.com
You can also reach us by clicking here

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